Download Free The New & Powerful Delphi Parser Static Code Analyzer 2.5 & Get Your Delphi Code Analysed in Minutes!


The Delphi Parser Analyzer 2.5 is the Newest Most Valuable Tool For Delphi Developers. It is built & aimed for dealing with huge legacy Delphi projects with hundreds of applications, thousands unit files & libraries with millions of lines of code & decades of developments & developers. It is a must have tool in every development team through all the development life cycle.

No Hard Work. You just need to provide the Delphi Parser Analyzer 2.5 the project source or code base folder you want to analyze, and the search path for the libraries & the Analyzer wizard will do the rest.

The Delphi Parser’s Analyzer 2.5 is an automatic code analyzing wizard. It scans & analyzes an entire code base against all available Delphi’s system units, 3rd party components, libraries & even DCUs (using a special De-Compiler).

Delphi Parser 2.5 – A Full Blown Independent Parser & Linker. The Analyzer 2.5 is built on the all new Delphi Parser 2.5 framework that has the ability to read millions of lines of code & parse the code into a unified run-time object mode.

Multi Pass Parser – The Delphi Parser runs in several phases in order to remove all unnecessary compiler directives while stepping over syntax errors & bridging all Delphi versions differences, from Borland Delphi 2 to Embarcadero’s Delphi 11 In order to build a unifying structured code in an object model in run-time memory.

Built-in Linker & Semantic Objects Tree. As the New Delphi Parser v2.5 core technology reads all the code, it links between objects, find source declaration, links implementation code to objects & methods, checks for code dependencies, count references & usage, discover missing objects, and provides the developer an ability to review & drill down into the parsing & linking process in run-time like never been done before (as well as in any other language compilers).

The Delphi Parser Analyzer 2.5 Wizard is available for all Delphi versions, as Express & Enterprise edition & also in an open-source edition based on the Delphi Parser 2.4 Developer’s Framework.

The Delphi Parser Analyzer 2.5 helps your development team maintain a cleaned project’s code base. Run it whenever you wish to release a new version update & removes unnecessary files & libraries from code before it is deployed.

Take Control Over Your Code. Every software project contains many components that may become unnecessary or obsolete over the development process & stay there untouched, cause no one knows what to do with them & the fear of taking them out leaves them there for eternity. Today, with the Delphi Parser Analyzer 2.5 you can easily & quickly analyze your code on any given Delphi version, from the Legacy Borland to the Newest Embarcadero’s Delphi 11 – and get a true insight on what is going on in your code & regain control over you code.

Seeing is Believing. Download Free the new Delphi Parser Analyzer 2.5 Free edition and get your code analyzed in minutes!