Kick Start Your Modernization Process, Today!

  1. Download Free the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard assessment & evaluation edition and run it on your own code, and review necessary changes. Watch the migration process in action, on your own code – and review changes.
  2. Run a Free Automatic Code Analysis using the Delphi Parser Analyzer and review all components been used with your code.
  3. Assess Your Legacy Code – Using The Delphi Parser Analyzer
  4. Get A Deep Insight of your Legacy Delphi. 20 years of legacy Delphi code is a lot of work. The code resides with in millions of lines of code, hundreds files, spread around & shared in many projects within many folders.
  5. Get A Clear View of Your Code Dependencies – Using The Delphi Parser – Code Dependencies Analyzer you can get a clear view of your Delphi code usage – all its component, objects, dependencies, referrals.
  6. Discover & Resolve Your Un-Managed Code – The Delphi Parser Analyzer helps you find all the lost code & get rid of these black holes, that keeps you & all other development from touching them – and prevent you from modernizing your code.

Make a Wish List of Your Modernization Requirements

  1. Define you Delphi Upgrade Goals
  2. Map your current components & technology being used.
  3. Review new replacement for all the obsolete components & technologies needed to be replaced.
  4. Select the most appropriate components & technology.

Design Your Migration Solution

  1. Map the necessary changes needed to be done between the current & new components & technology.
  2. Database Migration to Unicode – from Paradox to MSSQL. This can easily done using the Delphi Parser’s Automatic Migration From Paradox to MSSQL. This tool can be customized to migrate for all kinds of Database migration.
  3. Replacing Data Access relate code – like from BDE to FireDAC , or any other Data Access replacement. The Delphi Parse Automatic Migration Tool can deal with all kind of replacement, and can be customized to fit any requirement.
  4. Replacing VCL Components – like from VCL to UniGUI, or InfoPower or DevExpress, or any given obsolete, 3rd party or proprietary object, can be customized to automitically be replaced using the Delphi Parser Migration Tools.

Build Your The Modernization Team Force

  1. Actually – it’s YOU & the Robots.
  2. No need to hire special Modernization expert.
  3. The Delphi Parser Tools acts as a special force team, army of developers.
  4. The Delphi Parser Migration Wizard is easy to work with, with a customizable text-based migration script.
  5. For a Total Migration Solution you can use the Delphi Parser Migration Expert, that is the same Wizard with open source & a full developers kit with enhanced flexibility to add new features.
  6. Alternatively, you can use our Total Modernization Services, where you provide us your requirements, and we will customize the migration wizard for you.

Build, Run, Test & Integrate – Agile Style

  1. Quick Run Cycles. Running an automatic migration process is very quick. Even the biggest projects millions of lines of code takes just a few hours.
  2. Fresh Code. You can run the most updated development code in the evening & review results on the latest Delphi 11 with the morning coffee.
  3. Up to 99.9% Automatic. Assume some manual work, to make it all compile & run. The Delphi Parser can automate up 99.9% of the hard work, but there is still work left for you – mostly manual changes, that are not implanted in the automatic process.
  4. Agile Style. If the newly migrated code failed, or simply not good enough, you can easily fix & modify your migration solution, and run it in quickly, in Agile cycles, with no hard feelings, and try again – until perfection.
  5. No Merge. Whenever you are a new batch, there is no need to brach code, fork or merge code. Simply run it on the latest code.


  1. As soon as the whole code works for you, you are already working on Delphi 11 with the latest development code.
  2. Your code is already been tested over & over before, in the previous cycles, all being migrated on the latest development code. You are Ready to Go!
  3. Next stop is QA or Product department, to run acceptance tests & decide how to deploy the new release to customers.
  4. Keep on development on Delphi 11.


  1. Party – Eat, Drink, Sleep & Be Happy!
  2. Let the whole world knows that you successfully migrated your legacy Delphi code to latest Embarcadero’s Delphi 11
  3. Share your wisdom with the Delphi Community