Bridging The Gap of Legacy & Overcoming Obsolete Technologies

Overcoming legacy IT systems’ obsolete technology is what keep most project managers from modernizing their legacy IT system, and may keep it their until eternity,  or suffer from a long & hard death.

If you wish to modernize your legacy Delphi IT system, you will need to bridge the gap of legacy technology & overcome all its obstetrical.

This is how you can achieve that:

First, You Need To Take Control Over a Huge Old Legacy Code!

  • Understand how the legacy system works & operate
  • Understand the whole legacy Eco-System & the surrounding application & services.
  • Analyze the Legacy code structure
  • Map Database tables, objects, relations & dependencies
  • Map all the different Components, Objects & Data-related code
  • Find out what is Really needed to be migrated, and Find a way to do it
  • Untie legacy code dependencies
  • Remove un-required units from code & from “Uses” clause
  • Deal with an un-supported & obsolete black-boxed component with no source or contact.


The Delphi Parser Code Analysis can help you get all these answers, by scan deep into your legacy code, and find out everything you need to know.

Migrating to a Better Database Server

  • Migration From Prehistoric Databases, like Paradox – with Obsolete Data Access like BDE, to a the latest Databases Servers using Delphi FireDAC Connection.
  • Migration From Non-Unicode Database To Unicode based Database
  • Code Conversion of Non-Unicode objects to Unicode – like Ansi-String to Wide-String.
  • Rewriting Hard-Coded SQL Queries to work in a new Database Server Environment.
  • Remove Hard-Coded SQL from Code to Stored Procedures, or to Middle-Ware as RESTJSON API


The Delphi Parser Database Migration Tools, can automatically migrate legacy Databases to latest Database servers, providing Unicode transformation, and automatically create complete databases with all the required keys & dependencies.

The Delphi Parser Database Migration Tools, can also scan the Delphi code for Hard-Code SQL queries & migrate them to the Database Server as Stored-Procedures, or build Middle-Ware RESTJSON APIs.


Migrate to a Better Report System

  • Find a new reporting system & Map all templates from the old Report system to the new one.
  • Convert the old report component class structure to the new one.
  • New report systems uses queries outside of the code, for better performance. If you have Hard-Coded queries built in the code, you should migrate them outside of the code to the new report system component to a new one.


Modernizing the UIUX

  • Migration From legacy VCL to new & state of the art UIUX.
  • Adding High-DPI Support
  • Migrating legacy Desktop application to a Web Based application.


Migrating to a Better Development Tool

  • Making the a code written for Borland Delphi 2 to be developed on latest Embarcadero’s Delphi 10.4 Sydney IDE.
  • Use latest Delphi 10.4 IDE enables the use of many other developments tools like:
    • Source-control
    • Live Data tools
    • Advanced Integrated debugging
    • Dev-Ops
    • XML , REST & JSON Tools
    • Simulators


Consider Multi-Platforms Environments

  • Adjusting code to deal with new Windows OS features.
  • Enable cross platform support for Linux & OSX
  • Enabling Mobile App development for Android & iOS using the same base code
  • Migrating to Web-Based Application.

All of the above can be customized and automated for migration using the Delphi Parser Automatic Migration Expert tools.