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If you are a Delphi or C++ Builder developer & likes what you’re doing, we want you! If you like to the Embarcadero’s Spirit & wishes your workplace, business or customers will upgrade to the newest RAD Studio IDE, we want you! If you ever wondered through millions of lines of code wishing to have a tool that can reads them & give you a digested summary with a clear insight of it – we want you! If you ever dream of a tool that can automate your code building or refactoring & simply reduce the workload, and write it all by itself without having to write or rewrite the same code over & over again…You Belong With Us!

Join Free the Delphi Parser Developer’s Community & Make The Change!

Send us E-Mail to community@delphiparser.com with a short description about you, your work, your challenges using Delphi or C++ Builder today & your desires to upgrade & make your work, life, universe (& everything) a better place to live.

Legacy Software Modernization is the new hype, As you may know by now. It’s a very well-paid business, with Trillions of dollars to be spent with each year in the upcoming decade in an effort to bridge the gap between old & future technology. In the past. like in the Y2K days or the gold rush days to transfer from DOS to Windows, it used to be a very tough business, made for technology experts, with vast knowledge of many years in the industry, while working with the cutting edge of current & future technology & innovations, who are crazy enough, to take upon themselves these type of missions. Well, all of this is about to be changed…

Using the Delphi Parser Automatic Refactoring Tools anyone can Migrate Legacy Code Easily! with no effort at all. You can just tell the Delphi Parser Robot what to do & run it over your whole project code, have a break, take nap, go for a walk, or just continue what you were doing, and come back few hours later, and check the result – and try to compile the fresh code.

It’s No Magic!

The Delphi Parser does it all ! The whole migration work is done automatically by itself. The Delphi Parser reads the code with an intelligent parser (not a blind find & replace), scan & modifying millions of lines of code, quickly & easily …doing whatever necessary, and all that is left for you to do, is to test, refine & repeat to perfection.

With the Delphi Parser’s Scripting Wizard, you don’t even need to understand how it works, no need to even code a single line, no need of SDK or DLL or compile nothing – just open up a notepad with the pre-built migration script & customize it to fit your need. The Delphi Parser’s Script is a simple text file, readable & easy to understand, with a set of rules, for converting a certain existing component with a new one (like from BDE to FireDAC). Using the Script Wizard, you can design & develop your own migration process, for you own specific project needs – This may take a few hours, but that’s it! You’re done! All left to do is running the Delphi Parser’s migration process, while you take a break, eat lunch, watch a movie, and come back later, to check out the process & test the results.

If you Feel you are Ready to Make a Change & take upon yourself the challenge then join the Delphi Parser Developer’s Community we will provide you with all the necessary Tools, Wizards & SDK, & license Free of charge for you to test, try, inspect, create & make a change.

Apply to the Delphi Parser Developer’s Community, and make a change!

Send us E-Mail to community@delphiparser.com with a short description about you, your work, your challenges using Delphi or C++ Builder today & your desires to upgrade & make you work, life & the world a better place to live.