Special Low-Cost Mini License!

 AI Powered Delphi Parser Migration Tools For Everyone!

The Delphi Parser Migration & Analysis Tools are Professional Expert Tools. It is a well-supported product, built for the past 10 years & been tested upon Billions of lines of Delphi code in real life businesses & governmental organizations, in thousands of customers worldwide.
It was built to serve huge enterprises such as banks, insurance companies, government & defense-forces, telecom, health, retail & other software based companies with millions of lines of Delphi code, written in the past 30 years, and are still maintained & running, providing 21st century software solutions for major & critical daily life functions – that without them we will be thrown back to the Stone-Age.

We are aware of the high price & the fact that many ISPs in the private sector, who built their own Delphi based products, all by themselves, for the past 30 years, cannot afford the full Delphi Parser’s prices or simply doesn’t need the Full Unlimited license with all its super powers functionalities.

In this effort, to provide automatic migration solutions for everyone, we issued a Special Limited Time Offer for a Low-Cost Kick Starter Mini license of the Delphi Parser’s FireDAC UniGUI for just 495 USD.

For more information & other requests, you are welcome to contact us at sales@delphiparser.com and we will do our best to provide you with the best solution for your migration needs in an affordable price.