The Delphi Parser is a Game Changer in the Legacy Modernization Business

Planning a Standard Legacy Code Modernization Project is Risky & Expensive

Gartner estimates the cost of a manual code migration of huge legacy system, in any language, values at 5$ per line of code, going up to millions, where as bigger & older it is, the process becomes more complexed & expensive, up to almost impossible, and too risky – that in most cases the idea of migration is abandoned.


Making Delphi Modernization Possible

Delphi legacy IT systems relies on its code. Millions of lines of code, spread in files & folders, as much as thousands of files. Modernization of legacy Delphi requires a profound strategy of replacing old code, like the related BDE code to a new code, like FireDAC, in all the places in the source code.

There are many tools that can help automated the code conversion. You can start by using a simple editor to find & replace code syntax – but a blind replacement won’t help controlling changes in millions of lines of code, spread in so many files.

There is many text replacements free tool in the Internet, even the Embarcadero’s reFind tool, that you can try, and can simply find & replace text, based on regex algorithm.

Handling conversion of syntax within millions of lines of code requires more than that. What you are looking for, is a tool the know how to read the syntax, understand it, and look for it all around the code – like a human developer will do.

A Robot that knows Delphi syntax will be very helpful in changing the code & guarantee that it does not harm to the legacy code, on the process of rewriting the code.

Lucky for you – there is an automatic migration tool like this. It is called “The Delphi Parser”.

Using automatic code refactoring tools like the Delphi Parser, enables a tight budget, quick & pain-free code modernization process, worth doing & affordable. The automatic process reduces re-coding manual labor costs up to 99% less than it is done manually.


The Delphi Parser – A Game Changer in Modernization of Legacy IT Systems

Automatic re-coding of millions of lines of code, is a game changer. It makes modernization of legacy Delphi base huge IT systems possible. A complete turn-key solution, made by an automatic re-coding process is scaled in months based on the same development team, instead of years with a special development team force.


Ultra Fast Time to Market with Low Budget

An automatic re-coding process reduces the cost hiring special team force for many years to come, by millions of dollars. A typical must have update of legacy Delphi code base from BDE to FireDAC spreading of about a 1 Million lines of code, if done manually – would take 3 years, and over 1 Million US Dollars. Using the Delphi Parser, you can do it yourself by automatically migrate your code, compile & run it within 3 months, with a budget of about $50,000. Saving up to 95% of the development work force.

No Fear. No Magic.

Seriously, anyone can use the Delphi Parser to migrate code or even to improve its quality by searching the code for black holes in its darkest corners. Using the Delphi Parser there is no need to plan a huge project, most of the work is getting done automatically by the Delphi Parser. It can transform an old existing code, spread in lots of files & directories, with millions of code lines, tons of objects, and produces a new & upgraded code, overnight!


Do IT Yourself

Furthermore, there is the DIY (Do It Yourself) Approach – Migration process is a delicate issue, and companies, like normal human beings, doesn’t like to take their dirty laundry outside. We understand this demand very well, and for that very reason we are able to provide the Delphi Parser tool with all the source code, knowledge & support, to do it yourself. In that way the development team can do it themselves.


A Robot that Reads & Writes Code

The Delphi Parser is an AI Rule Based Engine, currently suited for Delphi & C++ Builder, can easily be customized for all types of language code, data-scheme & other given technology. The rules can be defined, refined & redefined for the parser & scripts, as required. The parser is a set of smart functions that takes the notorious “Find & Replace” & the infamous “Cut & Paste”, lock them behind bars & throw away the key. This parser is nothing like these! It does the job, like nobody or no other tool ever did it before, with no loose ends or cutting corners. Based on all the data the Parser collects from scanning the project & analyzing it, it makes the changes wisely, based on set of rules and instructions. It doesn’t make any blind copies nor using half-baked data, voodoo programming, wild guesses or intuitions.

The Delphi Parser Code Analyzer

is a very powerful tool that can scan a complete Delphi code base project against all available Delphi’s class libraries source code, such as the Delphi’s system units & libraries, 3rd party libraries & the code base’s own proprietary units & class. The automatic process can scan millions of lines of code, checks for references and marks all references of unit declaration made within the Pascal code base files.

The Delphi Parser Code Analyzer is the project manager’s new best-friend! It helps development teams to get a control over the code & maintain a cleaned & optimized project’s code base as part of the development life-cycle (unlike the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard that is a one-time tool within a migration project). It is a very powerful tool to be used within the development life cycle whenever you wish to release a new version or update, and you want to remove unnecessary files & libraries from code before it is deployed.


The Delphi Parser Code Optimizer

helps in removing unnecessary “uses” units. We all know that the Delphi IDE loves to add units to the uses clause, whenever we add a new component, although in the end most of them are not really needed – but they stay there. Every software project contains many libraries & components that might become unnecessary or obsolete over the development process & stay there untouched, because no one really knows what to do with them & the fear of taking them out – leaves them there for eternity. Now, thanks yo the Delphi Parser Analyzer you can easily scan the code & see what is being used & what is not. The Delphi Parser Optimizer wizard does the same analysis procedure, but instead of showing an on-screen report it removes the unused “uses” references from your code, giving you a cleaned & optimized code as a result.