Join our Delphi Modernization Plan, starting as low as 1,975 US$ per month!

Join our new Delphi Parser’s Modernization Plan & Kick Start your modernization process with a complete set of our tools & services.

Get a full access to mentoring & guidance, technical Assistance, attentive service & fast response support  via E-mails chats & live sessions!

Together, From The Very First Step! We realised that a lot of our customers that wish to migrate their Delphi code are stuck in the step of figuring out how to do it, or even if it is possible or not, and don’t want invest in purchasing the migration tools before they realise that it is possible & how they will do it.

Modernization Is Our Service.  In the new business model, you join our Modernization plan at the very first step of the process – where you ask the very important migration questions of How? What? Where? Who? When? How long? How Much will the migration process take? and the most important question of “Is it Possible?”

Total Modernization Solution. To get all the answers to your questions, you will need a Delphi Modernization Expert to review the code, or at least some guidance to analyse the code  – and provide you with all the answers. You will also need to get a licensed copy of the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard Unlimited Edition & the Delphi Code Analysis tool to make a quick run on the real code – just to see the very first migration wizard results, that you will be able to show the management team & be 100% sure that it is possible, and receive a green light for a full blown migration process.

Quickly, Reliable & Cost Effective. With our new Modernization plan, you can get all that you need to start & run a successful migration process – with a very low cost. Joining our Modernization plan you will get a Delphi Modernization Expert at your service + the full set of the Delphi Parser Migration & Analysis wizards unlimited editions.

Fully Customized To Your Needs. Joining our modernization plans, you will get attentive service & fast response support, including weekly live sessions, with expert view, to guide you on your migration process, including wizard customization to fully optimise your automatic migration process, guidance & mentoring to empower your developers, without losing focus, making sure you are on the right track to successful migration.

Legacy Modernization is Our Business

We Understand You. Legacy Modernization process is considered to be a long journey and might even scare you. To deal with that we have invented the Delphi Parser Automatic Refactoring Tools. The Delphi Parser gives you super powers & provide you with a Magic Wand that may help you to overcome & defeat the “All Mighty BDE” that has become over the years the Dreadful Monsters of the Prehistoric Underworld, along with plenty of other monsters that you may encounter.

You Have Nothing To Fear

We will help you & guide you out of there. We can walk you through & beyond the dark mountains of Microsoft, where the ancient Windows technology resides, until you reach a safe haven. Now that you understand the power of the Delphi Parser, you need to master it, like a true JEDI, before heading off to kill the multi headed monster that guards the Underworld…

To make it even easier for you & to make sure that you easily hit the target, and successfully upgrade your Delphi code to the latest Embarcadero’s Delphi 11 without any problems or side effects, we have issued our new mentoring plans in various types to fit your needs & budget.

Join our Modernization Plan, Starting as low as 975 US$ per month!

Our Mentoring Plan Consists of:

  • Annual Plan – 12 months of continues help & support
  • Direct Link to the Mentor – with Email, Chat, Skype & Live support
  • Timely Budget consists of Live Online Remote session – in hours, starting as low as 5 hours per month, or 60 hours throughout the whole year
  • Fast Initial Response Time – up to 4 business days.
  • Continues Development Mentoring & Guidance
  • Technical Assistance Service & Support
  • Migration & Modernization Solution Assistance
  • Expert Delphi Code Analysis & Consultant
  • Custom Performance Tuning
  • Remote Assistance & Trouble Shooting
  • Expert Delphi Code Reviews
  • Emergency Hot-Fixes for our Migration & Analysis Tools
  • Wizard Customisation with Private Releases
  • Access to Support Tickets
  • Access to Product’s GitHub Open Source & Product’s Knowledge-Base
  • Access to Pre-Released Tools
  • Our top plans also include Code Maintenance & Development

Low-Cost Solution

Specially for you, we have made the Starter Editions of the Delphi Parser’s Automatic Refactoring & Analyzing Tools. To get you started today, easily, with a click of a button. The Delphi Parser Automatic Migration Wizard is a rule based engine with an open script than can be customized to migrate any kind of Data-Access Component or any other Visual or Non-Visual objects & classes.

Start Small – Start Smart

We are sure, that you can quickly, easily & successfully managed to modernize few of your small applications up to 1 Million lines of code. Once you make it, you will find out that the legacy monsters are nothing to be afraid of, and that the Delphi Parser has become your new best friend.

Delphi Parser Automatic Migration Wizard

Kick start your Legacy Modernization process with the Delphi Parser’s Automatic Migration Wizard with a pre-built BDE to FireDAC script or VCL to UniGUI script for small application’s code up to 1 Million lines of code!

Delphi Parser – Automatic Migration Expert Development Full Kit

Get the Delphi Parser – Development Full Kit Express with the wizard open source & extended Delphi Parser library & master the art of the Delphi Parser and become a true warrior with a total control over any migration process.

Delphi Parser – Code Dependencies Analyzing Wizard

Start analyzing & inspecting your small application code with the Code Dependencies Analyzing Wizard – Starter Edition and discover where these monsters are hiding in your code & how much power the have on it. By doing that you can reduce the impact they have on you & your development team & and make a plan to defeat them and overcome the great barrier between your Legacy Borland Delphi code & the newest Embarcadero’s Delphi 11.

Enterprise Strong Solution

Whenever you feel like you are ready to deal with your Main application, you are welcome to move forward to the next level, and purchase an edition that fits your needs. We wish you Good Luck on your mission & May the Force Be With You. 

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