Delphi Modernization Mentoring & Guidance

Starting July 2021, due to a rising demand for a Delphi Migration Expert remote sessions, you can now schedule a private remote online sessions with Oren Aviram in person – the man behind the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard & Code Analysis Tools.

Talk The Delphi Expert in Person! As a Delphi Migration Expert, Oren Aviram, with more than 30 years of software development, with a worldwide proven record for huge & diverse successful Delphi migration projects, made him eventually a Delphi Modernization Mentor.

Get Answers From The Expert! You can simply setup a meeting, gather your whole Delphi team & discuss your burning Delphi issues – in a remotely fashion. You can chat about your Delphi modernization issues, other technical or non-technical issues, or any other daily matters or issues such as bugs or problems you wish to solve – that may require an Expert eye.

30 Years of Delphi & Pascal Experties – Oren Aviram, has been around since the 1980’s. From the times of Turbo Pascal on DOS, through the first migration to Windows in the early days of Borland Delphi, with the BDE & Paradox, through all the highs & lows of the Delphi technology, until the latest Embarcadero’s Delphi 11, spanning various technologies that came and gone. Many of them are like the living dead, still being used in Legacy Delphi, although there are no longer supported & officially maintained.

Bridging The Gap – For the past decade, Oren Aviram has been busy working in many Delphi migration projects, bridging the gap from legacy to future technology, developing the Delphi Parser Migration & Analysis Tools – building the highway to quickly & easily upgrade the old Delphi code to work with all the latest technology.

Live From Tel-Aviv, Israel! Oren Aviram is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, but it feels like he is everywhere, serving customers from all over the globe, using the online remote session technology. Online session can be provided via a remote Internet connection, using software like Skype, AnyDesk or Team Viewer, or alike software as you wish.

Get an Expert Review on Your Code! If you want, we can review your code together & you can get a expert review on your code. You can also run together a Delphi Migration process or Code Analysis process on your own machine, with your own code, using the free Delphi Parser Migration Edition (or a licensed edition if you already have), and get a live expert tutorial & code review from the expert himself.

Schedule a Free Call, Today! For a limited time only, you can schedule a free 1 hour session & talk to the expert.

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