Free & Unlimited Assessment & Evaluation Edition of The Automatic Migration Scripting Wizard For Converting Legacy Delphi Code using Standard VCL to UniGUI For Delphi 10.4 Sydney  (also supports all previous editions). Scan Free Millions of Lines of Delphi Code & See in Your Own Eyes How Easy & Quickly You Can Upgrade Your Delphi Legacy Code.



New Version Release 1.98

  • Unified & Simplified Migration Script! 
  • New Migration Script User’s Guide for Total Migration Solution!


Free Edition Includes:

  • Free & Unlimited Assessment for Migration of Delphi code
  • Includes the VCL to UniGUI Migration Script
  • Free Analysis of VCL & related data access components
  • Fully enabled script loading & customization


Last Updated: 23-September-2020
Build: 1.98.1661


Version 1.98 Includes:

  • New! Unified & Simplified Migration Script 
  • New! Updated Migration Script User’s Guide
  • Review Migrated Code within the Migration Process Running
  • Faster & Stronger Parser Process with Improved Memory Management & Debugging
  • Crawls Deeper Into Code Then Ever Before
  • Scans All Class Types, Forms & Modules For Objects References Throughout the Whole Code
  • Enhanced Scripting Wizard
  • Supports Hugh Projects with Gigabytes of Code


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