Total Migration Expert – Developers Full Kit – Unlimited Edition

The Delphi Parser 2.1 – Total Migration Expert Unlimited Edition, for huge project with Millions of lines of code, with the Migration Wizard 100% Delphi Source Code & Developer’s Full Kit Library. The Delphi Parser Developer’s Full Kit Enables Total Control over Enterprise Delphi code base for Modernization & Optimization of  Legacy Delphi and to Newest Delphi 12.


License Includes:

  • Single License for the Unlimited Lines of Code of The Delphi Parser’s Developer’s Full Kit
  • Unexpired License
  • Single License for the Delphi Code Analysis Tool Unlimited Edition
  • Developer’s Full Kit  with most updated Migration & Analysis Library
  • 100% Delphi Migration Wizard Source Code with SDK Libraries
  • Support All Delphi Versions with compiled library compatible for Delphi 11 Alexandria,  10.4 Sydney, 10.3 Rio (also available in previous compiled Delphi versions)
  • New! 10 Hours of Private Online Expert Sessions
  • FireDac Migration Support from BDE, DBX & Interbase, as well as all other Data-Access components to FireDAC
  • VCL to UniGUI Migration Support
  • Fully Customized Scripting Wizard to Convert any type of Component or Class Type.
  • Annual Subscription for new versions & updates with new supported scripts, features & bug fixes.
  • Full Deduction on Upgrade from any other edition
  • Available in 32 bit & 64 bit editions
  • Code Compatible for all versions of Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11
  • Documentation & Demos

Last Updated: 17-Apr-2024
Build: 2.16

Version 2.1 Includes:

  • Review Migrated Code within the Migration Process Running
  • Faster & Stronger Parser Process with Improved Memory Management & Debugging
  • Crawls Deeper Into Code Then Ever Before
  • Scans All Class Types, Forms & Modules For Objects References Throughout the Whole Code
  • Enhanced Scripting Wizard
  • Supports Hugh Projects with Gigabytes of Code
  • 100% Delphi Code – Also Available As Delphi Parser’s Developer’s Full Kit Library with Wizard Open Source  for Total Migration Control.

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