Talk To The Delphi Migration Expert – 20 Hours Bundle of Online Sessions


Schedule an online session with Oren Aviram in person – the man behind the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard.

As a Delphi Expert, you may discuss all your burning Delphi issues, whether there are Delphi modernization issues, technical or non-technical issues, or any other Delphi matters such as bugs or problems you wish to solve.

  • The Online session will be provided via a remote Internet connection only – using software like Skype, AnyDesk or Team Viewer, or alike software only.
  • For a single session we commit to a continues 60 minutes of a single online communication, or less, in case you wish to disconnect a session before the 60 minutes ends, there won’t be any refund or future reckoning.
  • Scheduling the time and date to the online session is subject to our availability. If no schedule can be set within 30 days of purchase, you will be refunded.
  • Session bank hours is valid for a whole year, from purchase date.
  • Session will be held in English only.
  • On purchase you agree to the Terms & Conditions as published

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