Free & Unlimited Evaluation & Assessment Edition of The Automatic Migration Scripting Wizard For Converting Delphi Code using BDE to FireDAC. Suitable For Projects with Millions of Lines of Code . Supports Migration From All Delphi Versions, To Latest Delphi 10.2 Tokyo.  Easily & Quickly Scans your whole project code-base & Convert it From BDE to FireDAC.

New Version 1.89 Includes:

  • Faster & Stronger Parser Process with Improved Memory Management & Debugging
  • Crawls Deeper Into Code Then Ever Before
  • Scans All Class Types, Forms & Modules For Objects References Throughout the Whole Code
  • Enhanced Scripting Wizard
  • Supports Hugh Projects with Gigabytes of Code
  • 100% Delphi Code – Also Available As Delphi Parser’s Developer’s Full Kit Library with Wizard Open Source  for Total Migration Control.

Last Updated: 19-Oct-2017
Version: 1.89.964

Evaluation Edition Includes:

  • Free Assessment Tool with Unlimited Lines of Code Scan & Review
  • Built-In Migration Script for BDE to FireDAC

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