The New Low-Cost Starter Edition of The Automatic Migration Scripting Wizard For Converting Delphi Code using Standard VCL to UniGUI. Suitable For Projects with up to 400K Lines of Code. Supports All Delphi Versions, including Delphi Rio 10.3. Easily & Quickly Scans your whole project code-base & Convert it From VCL to UniGUI.


Stater Wizard Edition Includes:

  • 400,000 Lines of Code License 
  • Unexpired License
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Unlimited Changes
  • Lifetime Subscription for new version releases & updates, with new supported scripts, features & bug fixes.
  • Full Deduction on Upgrade to any higher edition
  • Built-In VCL to UniGUI Automatic Migration Script
  • Fully Customised Scripting Wizard to Convert any type of Component or Class Type.
  • Available in 32bit & 64bit editions for Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10.


Last Updated: 14-Mar-2019
Build: 1.96.1475

Version 1.96 Includes:

  • New! Review Migrated Code within the Migration Process Running
  • Faster & Stronger Parser Process with Improved Memory Management & Debugging
  • Crawls Deeper Into Code Then Ever Before
  • Scans All Class Types, Forms & Modules For Objects References Throughout the Whole Code
  • Enhanced Scripting Wizard
  • Supports Hugh Projects with Gigabytes of Code

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