FireDAC Migration Wizard – Special 3 Months – Unlimited Kick Starter’s Edition

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The Delphi Parser – BDE to FireDAC Migration Wizard –  SPECIAL 90 Days (3 Months) Kick Starter’s Low-Cost Unlimited Edition.

Kick Start Your Delphi Migration with a Fully &  Unlimited FireDAC Migration Wizard on your whole code, for a Fraction of the Price of the full Unlimited Edition.

Quickly Convert your code from BDE, Interbase & DB-Express, ADO, ADS & DBISAM to FireDAC  !

& Upgrade your legacy Delphi code to latest Delphi 12. Full Customized migration wizard for a Total Migration Solution. Supports migration from all Delphi versions  to latest Delphi 12.



How Kick-Starter’s Edition Works?

Following repeated request from customers, all over the globe,  who wishes to fully test the migration wizard without having to pay the full unlimited price, before they are 100% sure it works, we have finally issued for the first time ever a new Kick Starter Special 3 Months  Unlimited Plan Unlimited edition that lets you run a full scale migration process on your whole code, just to see that it works, for a fraction of the full unlimited price.

We hope this will make your life easier, both for developers, IT managers & owners. We spend the majority of our time trying to convince customers that it works, but there is no better way see it works in your own eyes! Migration projects are serious issue that may take few months if it is done right, or years if you try doing it manually without the appropriate tools.

We offer a Special 3 Months Unlimited short-time license with unlimited power to fully test it on your code, for a fraction of the price of the full unlimited edition. If it gets the job done, we both benefit from it. If you wish later to purchase a permanent & unexpired license, we will deduct the price already paid for it.

New Version Release 2.1

  • Unified & Simplified Migration Script! 
  • Built-in Migration Script for BDE, Interbase & DB-Express, ADO, ADS & DBISAM to FireDAC  !
  • New Migration Script User’s Guide for Total Migration Solution!

Kick Starter’s Edition Includes:

  • Single License for the Unlimited Lines of Code Wizard 
  • Fully Functional License for SPECIAL 90 Days (3 Months)
  • Built-in Migration Script for BDE, Interbase & DB-Express, ADO, ADS & DBISAM to FireDAC  !
  • Fully Enabled & Customizable  Migration Scripting Wizard to Convert any type of Data Access, Component, Object or Class Type.
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Unlimited Changes
  • 90 Days Subscription for new version releases & updates, with new supported scripts, features & bug fixes.
  • Full Deduction on Upgrade to any higher edition
  • Available in 32bit & 64bit editions for Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10


Last Updated: 26Dec-2023
Release: 2.15

Version 2.1 Includes:

  • New! Unified & Simplified Migration Script 
  • Built-in Migration Script for BDE, Interbase & DB-Express, ADO, ADS & DBISAM to FireDAC  !
  • New! Updated Migration Script User’s Guide
  • Runtime Review migrated code within the migration process running
  • Faster & Stronger parser process with improved memory management & debugging
  • Crawls deeper into code then ever before
  • Scans all class types, forms & modules looking for objects references throughout the whole code
  • Supports Huge projects with gigabytes of code
  • Support all Windows operating systems
  • Available support for 64bit


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