Delphi Code Analysis Wizard – 5M Enterprise Edition

$1,475.00 $745.00 Vat


Offer  Extended Until 4th October, 2020

Enterprise Edition of the Code Dependencies Analyser Wizard.

Analyse Your Code Base & Get a Deep Insight of your code usage &  library dependencies. The Delphi Parser Analyser is an Automatic Code Analysing Wizard. It Scans & Analyses an Entire code base against all available Delphi’s System Units, 3rd Party Components, Libraries & the code base own units.

Last Updated: 8-Sep-2020


Enterprise License Includes:

  • License for Projects up to 5 Million Lines of Code 
  • Unexpired License
  • Lifetime Update Subscription
  • Multiple Projects Analysis For Complete Code Base
  • Exporting Analyser’s Tree Object Report to a texted-based file.
  • 64 bit Support for Analysing Huge Code Base

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All New Delphi Parser’s Analyser 2.0 is an automatic code analysing wizard. It scans & analyses an entire code base against all available Delphi’s system units, 3rd party components, libraries & the code base own units. The Automatic process scans millions of lines of code, checks for references and marks all references of unit declaration made by your Pascal project files.

The Delphi Parser Analyser 2.0 Wizard is available for all Delphi versions. Also available in an open-source edition based on the Delphi Parser developer’s full kit.

The Delphi Parser Analyser 2.0 helps your development team maintain a cleaned project’s code base. Run it whenever you wish to release a new version update & removes unnecessary files & libraries from code before it is deployed.

Every software project contains many components that might become unnecessary or obsolete over the development process & stay there untouched, cause no one know what to do with them & the fear of taking them out. Now, with this wizard you can easily analyze your code on any given Delphi version, from the Legacy Borland to the Newest RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin – and get a true insight on what units your code really needs.

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