This is an exciting year for Delphi programmers with one of the more significant new RAD Studio releases. With multiple new features and quality improvements the time to upgrade your Delphi projects has never been better. Delphi Parser is the premier tool to support a wide range of Upgrade needs from simple projects to ones with millions lines of code. We built it and improved it based on multiple projects. RAD Studio 11 allows developers to create amazing modern applications and Delphi Parser is the tool to get you there faster and cheaper.


Delphi Modernization Made Easy

 Using the Delphi Parser Automatic Migration Tools

The DELPHI PARSER is A Software Utility Robot & a Development Full Kit Solution, Specializing in Automatic Code Refactoring. It is designed & aimed to Modernize Database Oriented Software Legacy Systems, build with Borland Delphi or C++ Builder. The DELPHI PARSER is a Unique Innovative Technology, Built for Quickly & Easily Scanning Millions of Lines of Code, identify the objects and various code sections and rewrites them to support new technologies.

It does this quickly and easily and without human intervention. The DELPHI PARSER Robot reads Delphi & C++ Builder Code Syntax & SQL Queries. The Robot does the job like no team of experts can do. It runs on a predefined & fully customizable set of rules for optimal use. It scans & map the code, locate all the various occurrences of the code, identify & analyze what is needed to be changed, drill down to the specific line of code and makes the required exchange within the code base – on a separate copy.

The Delphi Parser robot knows how to insert new rows or entire sections, change a word or a character inside the line of code, delete unnecessary code (or mark it as a comment), and can even document the changes – as a well behaved developer. The DELPHI PARSER is Fully Customizable with a Rule Based Code Refactoring Engine.The Delphi Parser also support all kind of conversions. It can be easily customized for all type of code & components. Like VCLs to Uni Gui, data-scheme & any other given technology. Based on all the data the Parser collects from scanning the project & analyzing it, it makes the changes wisely, based on set of rules and instructions. The Delphi Parser doesn’t make any blind copies nor using half-baked data, voodoo programming, wild guesses or intuitions.

The Delphi Parser is the best & easy solution for upgrading your legacy Delphi code to the Latest Embarcadero’s Delphi 11. Embarcadero Technologies recommends the use of the DELPHI PARSER for Upgrading Legacy Software Systems from any Delphi or C++ Builder version using BDE (or any other Data-Aware component) to FIREDAC.