Download Free The New Version Release 1.93 of the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard with an Improved Process & a Built-In Code Review.

Run-Time Code Review. The In-Process Code Review Feature provides a Free Real Live Automatic Migration results of your legacy code within a click of a button, while the migration process is running.

A Most Valuable Input for the early stages of planning a Legacy Delphi Modernization Project, providing a deep insight on the migration process scale, a total code inspection, assessment & design – with the Delphi Parser Free Evaluation Tools.

Get Started. All you need to do is Download FREE the latest Delphi Parser Automatic Migration Wizard Evaluation Edition, Load your whole Legacy source code to the Migration Wizard – with no limits to project size. Then load the pre-built Migration Script & and kick the “Start” button.

Relax & Enjoy the Magic. The automatic migration process will start running, while you can relax & watch the magic in your own eyes. Within minutes you will be able to review the migration results as they happen, using the Run-Time Code Review Feature while the migration process keeps on running.

Customize Your Solution.The Delphi Parser has a pre-built scripts for migrating BDE to FireDAC & for converting VCL to UniGUI. You can easily customize the Migration Script to convert any legacy component or code template to the latest equivalent technology & tailor the migration process to your own usage & software requirements.

No Hard Work. You just tell the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard what to do & it will do the work for you.

Seeing is Believing. Whenever you are ready to make the change, you are welcome to purchase a licensed edition & we will be glad to provide you with all the service & solutions you may require.