Join Modernization Force & Get Your Special Edition of the Delphi Parser Automatic Migration Expert A Free fully functional evaluation edition to get you started & joining the Legacy Modernization Force . We wish you a happy new year, all the blessings & may you start the new year with a smile, and make 2018 the year of legacy modernization.

Kick Start Your Legacy Modernization For Free! Quickly register for your free license on checkout. As you register, please provide us with a short description about you, your company, your projects & your legacy migration needs. We will make sure to keep your information private & secure. we will use this information to help you & provide you a better service. Once we validate your information, by a return e-mail, we will provide you a free access to the Delphi Parser’s Developer’s 1 Million Kick Starter Automatic Migration Expert.

Legacy Migration is Our Business. We know & understand your needs. We have spent the past few years, working with a wide variety of customers, big & small IT companies as well as many non IT based organizations from all around the world & industries. Celebrating 10 years since we started this adventure, on our first migration project, back in 2008, before the dawn of the Delphi Parser, we have learned so much & we want to share it with our customers.

All Set & Ready To Go! We know what you want – and we want to provide it for you. You want to see the Delphi Parser Automatic Migration in action on your whole legacy project code (not only a sample of it). You want to get the results within few hours & test them right away within the new Delphi 10.2 Tokyo IDE. You want to customize & optimize the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard and gain total control over automatic migration process. You need it Here and Now, because there is a long road ahead, and you don’t want to spend any more time wondering about…

A Million Reasons To Start. A the perfect solution for kick starting your migration process, even in the early stage of the inspection, assessment & design. With in this Kick Starter edition you will get a free license for automatic migration project base code up to 1 Million lines of code – this is an Enterprise size (if you need more contact us). You will also get the Developer’s Full Kit with all the source code & function needed to gain total control over the modernization process.

See The Magic in AI Robot. Once you get your whole code quickly & automatically migrated you will start to see the magic. Nothing beats that. Once you get a hold on your freshly made migrated legacy code,  you will start to believe that it is real, and legacy modernization is very possible. Seriously, there is no magic- just a software AI Robot following rules, and gets the job done.

Bridge The Gap of Legacy. There is nothing to be afraid of, once you ran the initial automatic migration process, you can quickly & easily start modernizing your applications. You can start with the small applications, and move over to the bigger application. When you will have your first modernized application ready, you will understand that the legacy monsters are nothing to be afraid of, and that the Delphi Parser has become your new best friend.

Analyze Your Legacy Code. You can quickly start analyzing & inspecting your small application code with the Code Dependencies Analyzing Wizard – Express Edition and discover where your monsters are hiding in your code & gain the power needed to get over them. By doing that you will reduce the impact they have on you & your development team & start planning your move to defeat them and overcome the great barrier between your Legacy Borland Delphi code & the newest Embarcadero’s Delphi 10.2 Tokyo.

Enterprise Strong Solution. Whenever you feel like you are ready to deal with your larger application & eventually your main Giant application, consisting of millions of lines of code, you are welcome to move forward to the next level & upgrade your license and purchase an edition that fits your needs. We will gladly deduct the price already paid upon upgrade.

Total Modernization Solution As A Service. We don’t just sell software tools, our aim & main business is to provide automatic migration solutions & development services for world-wide enterprise customers with millions of lines of code. You are safe with us, as an official Embarcadero’s Technology Partner, we can provide you all the help needed to make your legacy modernization project a success story, and make your legacy code a legend, once again!