Automatic Modernization of Legacy Software System, using the Delphi Parser, can be very easy – but still – you need to start somewhere.

We, at PACIFITY Technologies, the home of the Delphi Parser, understand that. We also understand you – the Delphi software developer. We understand your boss, we understand how your business works, how enterprises behaves, how governmental & armed force IT department works, and how legacy system operates. We really do. This is our main business expertise.

We Know What it Takes to Run a Successful Modernization Software Project of Legacy Systems. We know what you fear of, what your boss fears of, what the Head of IT department fears of – but we do not fear at all. We have been there, we have done that, we have walked in this path many times before, although for you it is the first time & that’s OK – we are here for you, to guide you & make sure you will make it through, safe & sound.

The Delphi Parser is a unique & innovative tool that comes with a huge promise & provides a new easy & pain-free way of solving this problem, almost unbelievable, like magic – and Delphi Parser is no magic.

We Work Hard to Spread the News, with full cooperation with Embarcadero Technologies, share our thoughts & feelings all over the social networks, support world-wide conferences, and provide online meetings with companies & enterprises all over the globe – but still, it’s not good enough.

You Need to get Comfortable with the Delphi Parser Automatic Migration Expert, get to know the Wizard & drill down the open source code, get to know the Developer’s Full Kit Library essential class libraries – without any limitations – to see how it’s done & to realize that there is no magic, just a software Robot with no magic wand, packed with a capability of an army of developers (like a super car with 1000 horse power) at your service.

We also understand that the Evaluation edition is insufficient for real life tests, and you need to assess & review the results on millions of lines code – and make sure it works – before you make the purchase. On the other hand, the Ultimate & Unlimited edition of Delphi Parser Developers Full Kit with full source code for total migration control (although may be very handy), it is too expensive & may be too much to take – for a start.

In order to get things started, we’ve created an Express Starter’s Pack. We believe it may ease your way in & kick start your migration process.


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