We are glad to announce the new release (ver 1.51) of the Delphi Parser Code Dependency Analyzer Wizard!

This is a new major version update of the Delphi Parser Code Dependency Analyzer Wizard, along with a new version of the Delphi Parser Remove Superfluous Uses Optimizer Wizard.



A Must Have Delphi Development Tool!

The new Delphi Parser Analyzer is a very powerful tool that can scan a complete Delphi code base project against all available Delphi’s class libraries source code, such as the Delphi’s system units & libraries, 3rd party libraries & the code base’s own proprietary units & class. The Automatic process can scan millions of lines of code, checks for references and marks all references of unit declaration made within the Pascal code base files.

The Delphi Parser Analyzer is the Project Manager’s new best-friend! It helps development teams to get a control over the code & maintain a cleaned & optimized project’s code base as part of the development life-cycle (unlike the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard that is a one-time tool within a migration project). It is very powerful tool to be used within the development life cycle whenever you wish to release a new version or update, and you want to remove unnecessary files & libraries from code before it is deployed.

The Delphi Parser Optimizer helps in removing unnecessary “uses” units. We all know that the Delphi IDE loves to add units to the uses clause, whenever we add a new component, although in the end most of them are not really needed – but they stay there. Every software project contains many libraries & components that might become unnecessary or obsolete over the development process & stay there untouched, because no one really knows what to do with them & the fear of taking them out – leaves them there for eternity. Now, thanks yo the Delphi Parser Analyzer you can easily scan the code & see what is being used & what is not. The Delphi Parser Optimizer wizard does the same analysis procedure, but instead of showing an on-screen report it removes the unused “uses” references from your code, giving you a cleaned & optimized code as a result.

You can easily analyze your code on any given Delphi version, from the Legacy Borland Delphi 2 to the Newest RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo – and get a true insight on what units your code needs & use.