The Delphi Parser is proud to present the Delphi Parser VCL to UniGUI Migration Wizard.

Using The Delphi Parser Automatic Migration Wizard You Can Convert up to 1 Million Lines of Code within 24 hours!

Migrate your code by using the Delphi Parser – VCL to UniGUI Migration Wizard for quick conversion.

For Total Migration Control over the code use the Delphi Parser Developer’s Full Kit Editions that includes both the BDE to FireDAC Migration Wizard & the VCL to UniGUI  Migration Wizard as well as extended functionality.

Download Free The Delphi Parser – VCL to UniGUI Migration Wizard Evaluation & Assessment Edition!

There is a lot of action coming from our customers regarding a special tool for converting standard VCL based Delphi application to the new UniGUI technology. The VCL to UniGUI is presented with the help of  IQMS, our leading customer, a US based ERP Soultion Provider – IQMS is using the Delphi Parser Developer’s Full Kit Enterprise Edition to migrate their legacy code from VCL to UniGUI, as well as from BDE to FireDAC, and many more feature enhancements – as part of their software modernization process.

The VCL to UniGUI converter is based on the Delphi Parser, which is a Generic Migration tool, For Upgrading & Migrating legacy Delphi & C++ Builder code to the Newest RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin. The Delphi Parser is fully customized script with a rule based engine that supports all kind of VCLs, Non-Visual Component & all Class types. The VCL to UniGUI converter is  based on a pre-defined script to convert your VCL objects to the desired UniGUI.

Visit the Online Shop  and obtain your own license of the Delphi Parser Migration Wizard or Developers Edition (with VCL to UniGUI & from BDE to FireDAC pre-built script)