Using the new Delphi Parser Developer’s Full Kit you can create your own migration process. Adding even more power to the Delphi Parser’s Scripting Wizard.

The new Developer’s Full Kit, is a non-visual component, packed with all the features that makes the Delphi Parser what it is.

Using the Scripting Wizard & the Developer’s Full Kit you can do all kind of migration to FireDAC or ADO from all kinds of components.

There are lot of alternatives Data Access components to BDE, here is a commonly well-used list:

  • Adonis Component Suite (WINSOFT)
  • Advantage Database Server (Sybase)
  • Apollo (Vista Software)
  • DAO Database Collection (Winsoft)
  • Data Access Components for MySQL (MyDAC) (DevArt)
  • dbExpress Driver for MS SQL Server (DevArt)
  • dbExpress Driver for MySQL (DevArt)
  • dbExpress Driver for Oracle (DevArt)
  • dbGO (formerly ADOExpress) (Embarcadero)
  • DBISAM (Elevate Software)
  • Direct Access Components for MySQL (microOLAP Technologies LLC)
  • Direct Oracle Access (Allround Automations)
  • EasyTable (AidAim Software)
  • ElevateDB (Elevate Software)
  • FIBPlus (Devrace)
  • Halcyon (Griffin Solutions)
  • InterBase Objects (Jason Wharton)
  • KADao Unicode (Kiril Antonov)
  • kbmMemTable (Components4Developers)
  • kbmMW (Components4Developers)
  • NativeDB (Liodden Data)
  • NexusDB (Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd)
  • Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) (DevArt)
  • Pervasive PSQL (Pervasive Software)
  • PostgresDAC (microOLAP Technologies LLC)
  • SQL Server Data Access Components (SDAC) (DevArt)
  • SQLDirect (Yuri Sheino)
  • SQLMemTable (AidAim Software)
  • Titan Database Interface for Btrieve and Pervasive SQL databases (Reggatta Systems)
  • Titan Database Interface for Microsoft Access databases (Reggatta Systems)
  • Topaz (Software Science)
  • TurboDB (dataWeb)
  • Zeos Library for Windows (Zeos)

In many cases, over the years, due to lack of standard, language support, localization issues or specific project needs, many developers, in projects all over the globe developped their own unique data-aware components.

Using the Delphi Parser scripting wizard or the Developer’s Full Kit – all migration problems are solved, easily, fast & reduces migration effort by at least 80%.

The Delphi Parser provides automation solution for a variety of different migration & conversion needs, such as:

  • Code Migration From & To ADO or any other Data-aware Component
  • Database Migration – Paradox, Interbase, Firebird To MS-SQL Automatic Migration (Scheme & Data Transfer with Unicode Support)
  • Convert Any 3rd Party Data-aware Component to ADO or FireDac
  • Unicode Migration
  • Upgrade Windows XP functionality to Windows 7 and above
  • Upgrade from older to newer Delphi Versions
  • Upgrade 3rd Party VCL to updated version of the same
  • Convert any 3rd Party VCL to any different VCL (if possible)


Here are the key features of the Delphi Parser:

  • Scans a whole project’s folder \ database scheme into memory.
  • Reads the code \ scheme, using the language syntax, ignores comments, line breaks
  • Parses it to usable & readable objects
  • Links between common objects
  • Maps the whole project for objects & modules.
  • Find references of object declaration in the actual code, like: DFM Objects, Classes, Data-Modules, Stored Procedures, and Queries etc.
  • Removes old code & Rewrites new code instead
  • Documents the code, on any change
  • Finds dependencies in the code \ objects
  • Finds circular declarations
  • Finds discrepancies in the code
  • Finds code & declaration conflicts.
  • Finds & Fixes missing declarations
  • Finds & Removes obsoleted objects & statements
  • Find & Fix broken declaration
  • Alerts users on possible errors in the code
  • Refines code to be more readable, using Indentation, line breaks, notation
  • Debugs the code & fix developer’s & QA unnoticed mistakes
  • Converts old 8bit Strings to Unicode
  • Handles Localizations issues
  • Handles Legacy Systems definitions
  • Handles conflicts from 32bit to 64bit OS

So, what is your wish list?