Legacy Software Modernization is a well-paid business, with Billions of dollars  are being spent every year world-wide in an effort to bridge the gap between old & future technology, even more are spent to maintain these systems…

It is also a very tough business, made for technology experts, with vast knowledge of many years in the industry, while working with the cutting edge of current & future technology & innovations, who are crazy enough, to take upon themselves these type of missions.

Well, all of this is about to be changed…

With the DELPH PARSER Migration Script Wizard  – You Can Do It !

Well…The DELPHI PARSER does all migration work by itself, scan & modifying millions of lines of code, in minutes…doing whatever necessary, and all that is left for you to do, is to sit tight & watch it do the job for you !

With the new Scripting Wizard, you don’t even need to understand how it works, no need to even code a single line, no need of SDK or DLL or compile nothing – just open up a notepad with the pre-built migration script & customize it to fit your need.

The Delphi Parser’s Script is a simple text file, readable & easy to understand, with a set of rules, for converting a certain existing component with a new one (like from BDE to FireDAC).

Using the Script Wizard, you can design & develop your own migration process, for you own specific project needs – This may take a few hours, but that’s it ! you’re done!

All left to do is running the Delphi Parser’s migration process, while you take a break, eat lunch, watch a movie, and come back later, to check out the process & test the results.