The Delphi Parser  is  a Software Utility Robot Specializing in Automatic Code Refactoring.

This Automated software Robot is designed & aimed to modernize Software Legacy Systems build with Delphi in the mid 1990’s. The robot supports upgrading software systems running on Windows XP and needs to be upgraded due to the organization’s transition to Windows 7 and beyond. In some cases, part of the upgrade process also requires replacement of old databases and upgrade its existing code to work with new databases.
The Delphi Parser Robot helps upgrade automatically and efficiently the software’s code and the database’s scheme. The Delphi Parser’s Robot also helps in modernize old software components with a new & suitable one, adaptation of older technology to fit current operation system, matching 32bit code to support 64bit & conversion of native language to support Unicode.

The DELPHI PARSER is a unique innovative technology development, who can scan millions of lines of code, identify the objects and various code sections and replaced them with new ones. It does this quickly and easily and without human intervention.

The DELPHI PARSER Robot identifies code syntax (similar to a human software developer – only with a robot’s capabilities). The Robot runs on a predefined & customable set of rules for optimal use. The Robot locates all the various occurrences of the code has, needed to be changed, identify to specific line of code & and makes the exchange. The robot knows how to insert new rows or entire sections, change a word a character inside the line of code, delete unnecessary code (or mark it as a comment), and finally document the changes. During the scan, whenever the robot is not sure what to do, it will mark the line of code and require human attention.

The DELPHI PARSER Robot is built to work hand in hand with the database. He knows how to connect to different kind of databases, read queries related code, data schemas, tables and procedures and link them to interconnected objects in the  code. He knows to make the necessary changes to the database components in the project code, the object code, and the database scheme, as well as update your SQL queries, if needed, to suit the new environment.

The Automatic Refactoring process includes short cycles of planning, scanning, upgrading, compiling and testing in an AGILE development style. The conversion of a million lines of code takes about an hour. The resulting product is a new copy of the code, where you can easily review the differences between before & after using a basic text comparison tool. The conversion works in a separated  environment and undisturbed development process. Changes and corrections are easily obtained.
With each and every new round, you can use the most current code, with no need to merge or branch project’s code.